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Updated: Nov 21, 2020

In 2017 when l just started. It’s amazing how time flies. Have played in over 25 movies here in UK but Only five made it to Television.

Nigeria and Africa has a very reach culture. All we need to do is unite and tell our original stories in a compelling manner with reasonable capital, good cast, equipment and food directing. I know some people will tell me to shut up and go and produce my own movie but let me tell you something it’s not about that my brother my sister. Truth need to be told because Everyone is not supposed to be a film producer. Simple.

Some new actors like myself only want to be an actor but no one is willing to make them a celebrity so they decided to celebrate themselves anyhow by rolling out one movie thereby putting themselves on the map. And l hail them for their boldness. We need to unite ourselves and review our strategies. Stop doing the Nollywood Cell Group things. You are not a Church. Nobody or rather a handful of people knows us outside this British Isles especially in London l.

That saying of “Production for ourselves by ourselves” need to cease because at the end if the day You will end up watching it by yourselves (una selves) It will not lead you (una) anywhere. I am looking forward to when l will go on Netflix, Prime, YouTube and TV stations and see myself and my new actor friends there. For now get your popcorn and lets go and watch The Christmas Gift a Rhoda Wilson Production. Thank You 🙏🏾

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