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Updated: May 9, 2020

Grace Echeta Foundation launched a charity project called The Golden Pot in Sierra Leone to help under-supported school children back to school. Maranatha Primary School pupils was the beneficiary. The students are very happy and grateful to receive their educational materials.

It's been said that children today are the hope and future of tomorrow, my dream is to see a world where under-supported children receive the all round aid they need to survive. I am delighted to present gift aid such as books, pencils, pens, eraser and rulers packed in a handy bag to bring hope to the disadvantaged children.

This project is also intended to showcase peoples lives as is and the steps taken by GEF to assist them. Then followed by raw interview and footage of how disadvantaged children and people live their lives from day to day. We will also uncover what went wrong, how and where it all started, possible mistakes done and the consequences profiling the events that occured which led to series of misfortune.

Our aspiration is to help children in serious need. This may include a lack of education, illness, orphaned, or perhaps sexual abuse and exploitation. This is happening in African countries where they have no voice and no one to speak for them. 

The Golden Pot Interview. From right ex Nigerian Presidential candidate Lady Eunice Atuejide, Msteeq Marlene and Grace Echeta

Our aspiration is to help children in serious need. This may include a lack of education, illness, orphaned, or perhaps sexual abuse and exploitation. This is happening in African countries where they have no voice and no one to speak for them.

We need all the support we can get. No amount is too small or too big. This project is making a huge difference in peoples lives already. To support Grace Echeta Foundation please click here to donate.

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