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ABOUT grace echeTA

Grace Pagani Echeta Aka Pagani is a Nigerian actress, recording artist based in London UK. She takes pleasure in humanitarian works, movie and content production for social media. She has just released a new single titled Original Woman. Watch out for this original woman with melodious sound.

2019: Grace Pagani Echeta created Grace Echeta Foundation for the purpose of Goodwill act for children and young person in need around the world and especially in the eastern part of Nigeria.


One fine day Pagani decided to go into acting and starred in a Rok TV Film called "The 3 Kings" in 2017. Once an actor is always an actor. Since then she has featured in Rhoda Wilson's - The Christmas Gift, TV Series - Diva Diva, The Warrior, etc


2019:  HapAwards Hollywood Nominated Grace Echeta for best supporting actress in the movie My London Slave. Click on  Film Roles to see all film her films and roles.

Special Skills:  

Pagani is a team player, fast learner, flexible, multi-tasker, good listener, super organizer and naturally happy. She love to take on challenging roles to keep pushing herself to do better continuously. She has shown these skill in the latest singles Original Woman, Wombo and Thank God.

Available for the following projects:

Artist Collaboration, Film Role, Production Assistance, Movie Production Collaboration, Costumier, Film Set Costume Design, Production Catering, Location Management & Script Writing. The original Woman and Wombo singles are available for movie soundtrack.



Pagani is represented by Pagani Records. Casting directors and producers are very welcome to contact her via the contact form.

Pagani Grace Echeta
Grace Echeta Media
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