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Updated: Feb 1, 2022

A church in crisis, Apostle Bode ,called to be a man of the cloth from his childhood and one with whom the heavens approved, which was evidenced in that signs and wonders and miracles were proofs readily seen in his ministry.

Bode has an able and equally Zealous Associate, Pastor Dele, together they set up a soon thriving Charismatic church. Apostle Bode even meets and gets married to Funmi, the daughter of a wealthy Solicitor ,one of the most renowned in the country. Everything was going just well, until they started experiencing financial struggle.

Soon the whither to happy church began to crumble from within, stories of virgins and mysticism began to rock OASES OF LOVE Church, where it seemed like an un ending chaos, Adultery, betrayal, greed, abuse descending more and more into the Abyss,...will there ever be redemption for Bode?

Directed by Toyin Moore

Director of Photography - Magda Kowalczyk

DP Dwayn Joseph

Produced by Toyin Moore


Dapo Opayinka, Lydia Tett Olet, Toyin Moore, Oluwagbemiga Erigbemileke, Oshin JP, Grace Echeta, Princess Rita Akpojoto and more

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